About us
Burmech is engaged in the sale of industrial equipment, tooling, tools, spare parts, the provision of services for the implementation of lean manufacturing, which allows increasing and improving the quality of services and products.

Mission of The Company: Effective, innovative creation and development of industrial enterprises using international experience in the field of mechanical processing of metals. The basis of success was the active use of advanced European, American and Asian experience in the development of a highly efficient technological concept for industrial enterprises and the supply of technological equipment, combined with effective management and development strategy implemented by the company's management.

Services We Provide:
  • A wide range of supplied equipment;
  • Transport and logistics services;
  • Financial services;
  • Design and simulation of technological and production processes;
  • Design and technological preparation of production;
  • Development and implementation of technology for manufacturing parts of any complexity by launching them into mass production.
  • Work with the after-sales service after the expiration of the warranty period allows you to reduce financial and time costs, both for repairs and for downtime of this equipment.