Hardware & Software
Zyxel Communications Corp
It is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of network hardware devices. The company was founded in 1989 by Shun-I Chu. Zyxel works with network equipment vendors, telecommunications companies, ISPs and other small and medium businesses worldwide.

In addition to acting as an OEM for ISPs and system integrators, the company sells Zyxel branded products directly to businesses and consumers. The company's headquarters is located in the city of Hsinchu.

Zyxel has distributors in more than 70 countries, 35 branches worldwide and approximately 1,500 employees worldwide, with products marketed in more than 150 countries on five continents.

At Zyxel Networks, we work to help organizations and individuals unlock their full potential. We use cloud technology to make this possible and provide the most reliable network solutions, we use online subscriptions to increase protection against evolving cyber threats and make licensing flexible and affordable with artificial intelligence.